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Для тех, кто хочет сделать приятный подарок любимым женщинам, позволив прочувствовать нюансы элегантной пленительности при помощи красивых аксессуаров, «V.O.V.A.» предлагает подарочные сертификаты.

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Laundry with this symbol is forbidden to wash.
Wash only with hands. Recommendable temperature is 30 degrees. Before placing the Laundry in the water, wait until the Laundry powder has melted. Such laundry must be washed gently, after then carefully swilled. Washing cannot be longer than 5 minutes.
This symbol means wash gently, centrifugal machine must be turned off. This laundry should be placed together with other laundry for example jeans and other rough materials. The max laundry quantity in automat is 1/3 of full dimensional.
This symbol shows the max temperature which should not excel.
This symbol allows the laundry to be washed with hands or in a washing machine.
This symbol allows the ironing of the laundry. Points show the max ironing temperature (for example, 110° C, 150° C, 200° C).
Laundry cannot be ironed.
Allows to clean with chemicals. The Symbol in the Ring shows what chemicals can be used.
The Line under this ring shows that reduction of mechanical load, humidity and temperature is required.
Cannot use chemicals. Removing spots cannot be used cleaners with thinner.

Allows drying in a mechanical Machine. The Points quantity shows drying level. Attention symbol does not show if laundry shrinks or not.

This symbol forbids drying in a dryer.
Laundry can be bleach whit cleaners who’s got chlorine. Attention: Laundry powder contained chlorine soil nature that’s way many companies produce cleaners without chlorine.
This Symbol disallows the laundry in being processed with chlorine. Attention: many cleaners contain chlorine.

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