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We present you the lingerie collection under the brand name “AVENIJA by V.O.V.A.” from the category “IT’S PRACTICAL”

The collection has been developed specifically for beautiful women taking into account the wide range of offered constructions of medium and large sizes.

Properly chosen lingerie makes the lines of your body more attractive, conceals any flaws and emphasizes the perfections.

When developing the collection, we use high-quality materials provided only by the European fabric suppliers, which take into account each and every nuance of non-standard female body and which allow creating durable and qualitative products, thus increasing their useful life.

The collection has absorbed the successful combination of price and quality, lightness and gracefulness!

The base of the collection palette – calm classical monotone colours: black, white and peony. In 2012 the brand was supplemented with a collection of bi-coloured lace in combination with trend monotone colours.

When developing the “AVENIJA by V.O.V.A.” collection, great attention was paid not only to the beauty and functionality of the products. The frames of the products are developed taking into account individual properties of female anatomy without constricting lacteal glands and maximally supporting the breast in order to prevent premature ageing of the neckline and stretching of the breast.

If you still have not made your choice in favour of any particular producer, we offer to choose our company.

By trusting us, you trust the professionals!